The SPP Winter School 2022

The 2022 winter school took place as an in-person event at the Youth Hostel on Borkum island from March 7th-11th. 47 researchers from the priority program as well as guests joined for an intense week of presentations, discussions and hands-on workshops.

As this was the first in-person get together of the priority program, many attendees met their colleagues from their tandem projects for the first beyond the online meetings. Throughout the week this allowed for even better planning of future work within and across projects along the research areas of the SPP.

The weather showed its most sunny and friendly side allowing for an ideation session to be held as a walk on the beach. An excursion into the tidal shallows provided new insights into a completely different field of research.


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Winter School 2022 Program

Monday 7 March Tuesday 8 March Wednesday 9 March Thursday 10 March Friday 12 March
Before 0900 Arrival Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast

Opening & Welcome

Tandem Petcha Kutchas (11*5) PhD students
Barcamp Topic presentation


Pilot Studies

Group Work

“Mudflat hike”
1200-1400 Lunch (seating – Dagstuhl style) Lunch (seating – Dagstuhl style) Lunch (seating – Dagstuhl style)
1400-1700 Groupwork – Barcamp

Collaboration Planning

Group Work

Reference Scenarios

Collaboration Planning

Group Work


1700-1900 Dinner (Seating Dagstuhl style) Dinner Dinner (Seating – Dagstuhl style) Dinner
After 1900 Poster Reception
Rotation I 19-20
Rotation II 20-21
Wine and Cheese
Movie Night
(Chips, Flips and Popcorn)
Game Night
(BYOG Bring your own game)